Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spanish Driving licences - medical needed

I have previously posted on Spanish Driving licences - "Good reasons to get a Spanish driving licence" - but am returning to the subject as the system seems to have changed. I have had two clients in the last week who have been informed by the Spanish dept of motor vehicles ("Trafico") that they need to present a certificate showing they have passed the drivers' medical exam before they can pick up their new Spanish licence. This represents a tightening of the rules as previously you did not have to have the certificate - or at least present it (I think it was assumed you had it). When you renew your licence the certificate is always required. Both thse cases were in Malaga so I don't know if other Trafico centres are taking this new line.

Getting the medical certificate or "certificado medico carnet conducir" is reasonably straightforward but there is an expense. I rang one centre in Marbella where no appointment was necessary and you paid 35€

This is a link to Centros de Reconocimiento Medico where you can get one:

My firm's service in this area is described here - Spanish Driving licence and I also published a guide called How to Get a Spanish Driving Licence

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