Monday, December 6, 2010

‘Tis the season to pay Spanish taxes

A rather dull topic this week but an important one for anyone with property in Spain, because the deadline is looming for declaring non resident taxes. All Spanish income tax declarations for non residents (modelo 210) have to be in by 31st December. The tax is collected either directly from the taxpayer’s bank account on the last day of the year or it can be paid in cash at the bank, with the completed modelo 210.

Resident property owners don’t have to pay this tax but it is worth noting that the Spanish tax office will not consider you a resident unless you have registered as such and filed at least one tax return (even if it is a “nil” return with no tax paid).

Also be aware that the system for non resident property owners who rent out their Spanish homes has changed. As in previous years the annual modelo 210 is not appropriate if you actually earn rental income – you are supposed to file quarterly form 215s. The change is that this year, for the first time, expenses “exclusively relating to the rental” can be claimed against the gross income. Rates (IBI), agents’ fees and advertising costs would fit under this category.

Back to the modelos 210 which non resident property owners have to declare if they don’t rent out. Full chapter and verse on the tax can be found on our website which has a special page (Spanish Tax Form 210) explaining all about it and giving details of our service where we will do it all for you for 30€.

Alternatively you can do it yourself - it is not a particularly complicated form to fill in and you can download it from the Agencia Tributaria’s website here. Remember that you have to register first before you declare (modelo 30). You pay it at the bank, but you will need to fix Agencia Tributaria identification stickers on the form before the bank will accept it. These stickers can be obtained from the Agencia Tributaria offices simply by showing your NIE (once you are registered with them).

The advantage of our service is that you can do it all online / by email even if you are not in Spain, and that includes the registration process. We even allow clients to settle our bill in pounds to a UK bank account.

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