Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spain tax form 210 deadline nears

Where did 2011 go? It was just a few weeks ago since I was enjoying a late Autumn swim in the Med and now we are hurtling towards Christmas. One consequence is that end of year deadline for Spanish non resident tax declarations is also approaching rapidly. This is the tax that all Spanish holiday home owners are supposed to pay.

I have written about this Spanish tax, often called modelo or form 210 tax after the forms you have to submit, many times so I will link to rather than bore you with the details: Spanish tax form 210

You have until 31.12.11 to get the form in. We offer a service where we do it for the taxpayer but this is only available up to the end of November.

I have had a few clients recently who have received letters from the Agencia Tributaria (Spanish tax office) asking to see tax returns going back to 2007 so they do check up. They have access to both local tax records and utility company computer systems so they know who has property in Spain and can cross-check to the returns they have received.

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