Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to find films showing in English in Spain

I am sure most people living in Spain who like the cinema have their own way of finding out what’s on where.  But I found it very awkward at first to get any accurate information, even with some resolute Googling. 

I was getting general information about VO films or the cinemas that sometimes show English language films but not the specifics.  Even when I did get to some listings they were usually out of date.

The solution is a site called which I have found to be up to date, comprehensive and reliable.

To get the information about English language films go to the site and select your province.  You can change the language to English if you want.  Crucially you need to then go to the “Cine” button and select “Cartelera VO” from the list.  

This will give the full list of "version original" listings in your province.  Obviously if the film was originally in English this will be the spoken language of the film with Spanish subtitles for the locals (the acronym VOSE denotes version original with Spanish subtitles).

I took the kids to the cinema this Christmas and there was only one VO film showing which didn't interest them so we ended up seeing a Chipmunks film dubbed into Spanish.  It was surprisingly easy to follow although hardly a complex plot to challenge my dodgy Spanish.

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