Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baked-in laziness

There seems to be a big marketing push going on in Britain at the moment for a "new" product, ready-baked jacket potatoes.

The makers must have high hopes for this revolutionary concept because their seem to be a myriad of TV ads, billboards and full pages in newspapers devoted to it.

Apparently it's McCain's biggest product launch for over 30 years.  They have even gone so far as to introduce special billboards at busstops which glow and emit the smell of baked potatoes.  I kid you not - Adverts that Smell Like Jacket Potatoes

Now I like baked potatoes but rather than pay £1,50 for two I pay 70p for four (thanks Asda) and throw them in the oven when the need arises.  It doesn't take Heston Blumental to cook a baked potato.

It's hard to reconcile the "squeezed middle" or "breadline Britain" headlines about struggling consumers when you read about products like this which seem predicated on the belief that the average British household can't be bothered to cook even the most basic of meals and must pay a 400% mark-up to get someone to do it for them.

What next, ready-buttered bread?  Disposable mugs of tea that can be popped in the microwave?  For pity's sake.

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