Monday, August 13, 2012

New fears over Spanish bank accounts

A little while I wrote about the security of Spanish bank accounts in the midst of the rapidly worsening economic situation in Spain: Are Spanish Bank Accounts Safe?

The gist of the article was that although there are government guarantees for deposits up to €100,000 I wouldn't be too confident because, in a worse case scenario, the government might fail to honour the guarantee or even pay up in devalued pesetas.

The latest twist in the tail concerns savers who have lost their savings without any recourse to the government deposit insurance, because they have been sold preference shares in their bank.

These were sold as if they were just deposits with especially good rates of interest but they have turned out in fact to be risky securities which would not pay out at all if the bank went under.  That's exactly what has happened in some cases, especially the giant Bankia which had to be bailed out last month leaving "preferential shareholders", mostly innocent savers, wiped out.

I have read that there hundreds of thousands of these preference shares in private hands.  But if your money is in a proper bank account then you should still be able to claim on the government deposit insurance if your bank goes to the wall.

There has been no suggestion that the government will step into help preferential shareholders which does rather support my view that Spanish government bank deposit guarantees might not be honoured if things get really bad.  No wonder it is said that tens of billions have already been shipped out of the country.

From our website:  Changes to Spanish tax form 210

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