Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ryanair gets something right

UPDATE:  I think I might have been a bit premature praising Ryanair's replacement for Captcha.  I was greeted with this when I went on Ryanair totally illegible security screens this morning:

Original post in praise of Ryanair:

I am a bit conflicted about Ryanair.  I fly with them a lot and can't help feeling that, as a passenger, I am just a big nuisance getting in the great money-making machine.  However I recognise that there are pros as well as cons when travelling with The World's Least Friendly Airline - What two years of flying Ryanair will do to you.

But this week they have ditched that awful Captcha security step on their website to replace it with a user-friendly alternative where you just type in a simple and LEGIBLE phrase.

Ryanair bending over backwards to make life easier for their valued customers?  Don't be silly, it's all about money, as everything is with Ryanair.  The inconvenience of Captcha deterred customers and cost them sales from the website, maybe up to €24m as this expert explains - Ryanair and captchas

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