Saturday, November 7, 2009

All change at Corte Ingles

I don't know about you but I've got mixed feelings about Corte Ingles. When I first moved to Spain, to a flat in the centre of Valencia, I was at the massive central CI there all the time and thought it pretty good: big range of stuff, decent quality, modern. I'm sure most of us foreigners know CI pretty well simply because there are no other comparable department stores. However as time's gone by my wife and I go there less and less. Price is a factor but also it's a bit on the staid, steady as she goes side. We are not alone in buying less there - sales were falling even before the recession mainly due to unemployment and the widespread Spanish mortgage problems, but it remains the 2nd biggest department store in the world.

But now it's all change at Spain's "Grace Brothers". They are apparently opening up floor space to external fashion chains in return for rent and other changes could be in store (pun intended) - beauty salons, restaurants, even gyms all from other established brands like Rodilla, Hedonai, BelRos and Cortefiel . They are also starting a new "store within a store" selling sports clothes and fashion accessories to a younger market called SportsTown (why is it that whenever a Spanish company tries to appeal to "youth" they go with an English name?)

Will I be rushing back to patronise "The English Cut" (not "Court" as some think - it's a tailoring thing) - frankly no, but at least they are trying to breathe new life into an old favorite.

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  1. Sounds like John Lewis to me - safe, reliable, on the expensive side....but just a little dull?!


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