Monday, March 15, 2010

Spanish Driving Licence - new medical rules

In my previous post on the subject of Spanish driving licences (here) I referred to an apparent tightening of the rules when you swap a UK licence for a Spanish one - you have to produce a medical certificate, in Malaga at least, when you didn't have to before.

In fact everyone resident in Spain should have a medical before driving regardless of whether they use a UK or Spanish licence.

Now there are more changes to the rules on Medicals and for once they look like they are good ones.

The frequency with which you need to get a medical has been changed to:

Every 10 years (up to 65 years old)

Every 5 years (over 65)

Also you can renew your licence at the medical centre. Previously you had to take your certificate and old licence to DGT (Trafico) and make the change there. Now all the approved centres (called centros de reconocimiento de conductores or CRCs) are being linked up to the central trafico computer system. They will store the certificate information and you make your renewal application at the same time as you have the medical. You still have to provide new photos of course so that everyone can see just how much you have aged.

To find a CRC use google maps e.g. "centros de reconocimiento de conductores Estepona" or look here:

The full rule changes are here:

Advoco's driving licence renewal service is here:

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