Friday, August 6, 2010

Latest Costa murder was made in England

A 40 year-old Irishman was shot dead outside Coco's Bar in Benalmadena on Wednesday and police are seeking fugitive Darren O'Flaherty (pictured) in connection with the murder. If it was this guy then there should be some heads hanging in shame in Britain right now. Specifically I would like to hear from the judge who let him out on bail in 2006, despite the fact that he was facing charges of robbery and kidnap at knifepoint. He subsequently jumped bail and fled to Spain. Heaven only knows what hideous things he's been doing between then and the murder.

Perhaps you think the judge was being reasonable to let O'Flaherty walk free while the knife case was prepared? Innocent until proven guilty and all that. Then gain maybe not when you consider his previous history:

- 1995. Liverpool. Stabbed a man 9 times and given 5 years in prison. Let out early.
- 1999. Inflicted serious head injuries on a police officer and sent to prison again.
- 2006 - held a lorry driver at knifepoint for several hours before robbing and setting fire to the lorry

In amongst all this, also charged with dangerous driving "with intent" (!) and gang membership. Quite clearly someone who was dangerous and had no intention of mending their ways. What does it take for the courts to actually take someone off the streets? Once arrested for the kidnap case that should have been it for this guy - never see the light of day again. I can accept people being given one chance but not a string of them.

It reminds me of the Tony King "Costa Killer" case when a London man was finally arrested for killing two girls. He had a past in England involving 5 serious violent sexual assaults for which he served only half his sentence (5 years) before going onto rob a woman at gunpoint. Naturally he was turned lose again and fled to Spain where he changed his name. Now two young girls are dead because he wasn't stopped.
Almost every time there is a murder or serous assault in the news, a similar story emerges. They have committed a string of offences and either been let out early or on bail thus reinforcing their contempt for the criminal justice system. The guy shot dead on Wednesday would be alive today if some English judge had had the nouse or the guts to recognise this piece of scum for what he was and put public protection as the top priority.

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  1. well who ever wrote this what a idiot that english man got batterd by up to 20 or more irish men they pinned him down and stud on his arms and jumped all over his head and body and smashed chairs over him it is a wonder he is not dead he is the victim they were like animals all over him and everyone who was there knows the truth it is disgusting what happend that night


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