Friday, August 27, 2010

Praising Telefonica is simply not worth the risk

I have always considered Telefonica as part of the enemy i.e. one of the organisations or systems in Spain which serves to make and otherwise peaceful and idyllic life so difficult and frustrating at times. Along with the banks, utility companies, tax office, certain shops and tradesmen, garages, public sector bodies and officials, they are the ones that drive you mad with their inflexible bureaucracy, third world service standards and unresponsive staff, while you should be relaxing and sipping a glass of wine in the sun.

I have had all manner of complaints with Telefonica (now rebranded Movistar as their mobile division seems to have become all important) in the past to do with billing, line faults and installation. Probably my fault for moving about and needing their services quite a lot. They seem to be typical of an ex-monopoly that hasn't quite shaken off the worst features of being a cosseted state giant.
That was until recently. I had begun to notice a change in their service. Two or three times they have been right on the ball getting things done quickly and efficiently. They even rang up to offer a reduced tariff which didn't seem to come with strings attached.
I was right at the point of writing a blog post praising the turnaround and to see if anyone else had noticed a leopard changing its spots. And then ...
They cut me off! Not out of the blue - I had asked for the line to be deactivated at the end of the month, repeatedly stressing the date - but nevertheless my office line has simply ceased to be. Many confused and annoyed clients with me trying to make do with Skype (internet is so far mercifully available). Well, by their past standards it wasn't a major crime but I did feel the familiar Telefonica rage welling up inside me. I am only glad I didn't give them a glowing write-up on the blog last week. They still have a way to go to get themselves in my good books.
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