Monday, September 20, 2010

How to save money on your Spanish non resident tax declaration

The downside to owning a place like this ...

Judging by the increased demand we have recently experienced for our Spanish Tax Form 210 service, holiday home owners are starting to think about their tax returns. There's plenty of time as the declarations for 2009 are not due until the end of the year. For those Spanish property owners who don't anything about their tax obligations, I have pasted in an extract from the Spanish tax office website describing what has to be declared for non residents who DON'T rent out their properties.

For those that do understand that there is income tax to pay and wish to ensure they are on the right side of the law, how can the declaration be made as cheaply as possible? Well unfortunately there is no way (that I know of at least) of reducing the tax burden itself because it is based on a fixed percentage of the property's rateable value (see details below) without allowances or deductions. However if you have or intend to get a tax adviser to make the declaration for you there could be savings to be made.

Many people who do pay the tax use a paying agent to do the paperwork but that can prove costly if you haven't shopped around for a low fee option. This may be the case if you are using the lawyer who handled the original property purchase. How much should you pay? Advoco charges 30€ (upwards) and some other services are being advertised for not much more.

Or why not do it yourself? It sounds a bit radical but it is not so hard particularly after the first year invested in getting yourself organised. There is info on our site (Spanish non resident tax) and others including the government's - see below. If you have any questions posting a question on one of the Spanish forums will usually yield an answer.

Extract from the Agencia Tributaria website explaining the non resident tax charge:

The amount to declare will be that resulting from applying the following percentages to the assessed value of the property as shown on the Property Tax bill (IBI):

· In general, 2%.

· In the case of properties where the assessed value has been revised or modified since 1 January 1994, the percentage will be 1.1%.

This yield is calculated once per year, on 31 December.

If you have not been the owner of the property during the whole year, or if it has been rented for any period, only the proportional part of this amount is declared.

· Tax Return Form: 210, using the general section 210-A and entering 02 as income type.

· When to file the tax return: During the whole natural year after the date of accrual.

· Where to file the return: With the Branch of the Tax Agency or Administration belonging to the Tax Agency responsible for the area where the property is located.

· Tax rate: 24%.

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