Friday, September 24, 2010

Talking rubbish

There are a few things about living in Spain that turn me from a mild mannered accountant into the most Meldrew-ish of Grumpy Old Man in a flash. Usually the bugbears relate to breath-takingly bad customer service (e.g. see Will Spanish Business Ever Get the Internet?) or something car-related (does anybody use indicators any more?). Recently though I think it is rubbish that has wound me up the most. Specifically the laziness of people when it comes to its disposal.

It seems that Spain had no equivalent of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign that I remember from my childhood. Chucking takeaway cartons onto the street, leaving bags and cans on the beach and throwing rubbish out of the car, seem to be perfectly accepted disposal techniques.

But what really winds me up is the people who either make no attempt to recycle or leave their rubbish on the road next to, rather than in, the bins. If you have some papers or plastic bottles is it too much to ask to throw them in the right container which is right next to the green bin?

What I find especially infuriating is the people who have gathered up their recycling (say bottles) in a bag and who, because the particular rubbish stop they have parked at does not have the right container, leave it by the side of the bins. It's like they are say "look I've done my bit collecting the stuff but do you really expect me to go to any trouble finding the right container".

And what of people who leave cardboard boxes beside the blue paper bins rather than crushing them and actually putting them in the bin. Are they that busy or feeble that they can't finish the job. I DON’T BELIEVE IT!

I really must take a lie down and stop getting so worked up.

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