Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy, busy - Spanish Tax season looms

It's all tax at the moment. Lots of enquiries responding to our Spanish Tax Advice page. I think it is the time of year, even though the actual deadline for annual tax returns here is the end of June. Once New Year is firmly out of the way you tend to feel it's time for a big push to get some unpleasant jobs out of the way; and it doesn't get much more unpleasant than sorting out your tax affairs.

But like most jobs you put off (cleaning the oven, bathing the dog, thank you letters) it's not so bad when you get on with it. And there's that lovely feeling of having achieved something when you get it done.

Being nice people at Advoco we have taken steps to ensure that the tax reporting season (May and June for residents, later in the year for non-resident property owners) is not too painful. For a start we have published a guide to whether or not you need to do a tax return:

Also we are aiming to contact clients before the mad rush in May to get everything together well ahead of time. If you are not registered for tax in Spain we are taking care of that by post so you don't have to go to your local Tax Office. Otherwise we are doing as much as possible by email so you can do everything from home and at your own pace. We are also trying to make payments possible without going into the bank.

Enough of the sales pitch; in future posts I'll publish some info about what sort of things you have to declare, allowances you get and the rates you will pay. Right, back to answer some of those emails.

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