Monday, February 22, 2010

The welcome flipside to global warming data foul-ups

Any body fed up with how sterile the global warming debate has become? Global warming scepticism has evolved from a few disparate voices raising doubts and asking questions to a full-blown political movement determined to convince the world that climate change science is a hoax and "expose the lies". For their part the climate change campaigners are foolishly trying to achieve the impossible: marginalise the "climate deniers" and monopolise world opinion with their view that only drastic emissions cuts by the world's governments can save the world. Copenhagen and recent dodgy data stories have shown the folly of this - they will never conclusively win the argument and governments are as far away as ever from making meaningful cuts. At least the recent run of bad results for the climate change camp may prompt them into a change of strategy and new goals. I put together some ideas for how they should change their ways in an article I published today:

More dodgy global warming data? Good | Alrroya

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