Monday, February 15, 2010

Gold price

I am doing a bit of moonlighting from my day job with Advoco. I have always been interested in economics, investing and politics and often publish little pieces on an amateur basis but recently I was asked to start a weekly column by Alrroya, a Dubai-based business portal. I kicked things of with an examination of the gold price which has been moving quite a lot recently (up, then down, now back up a bit).

Gold price: Paulson versus Roubini | Alrroya

I am now working on next week's piece about global warming. It is fun doing articles but somewhat pressured coming up with the ideas and hopefully good enough writing. Anyone with any suggestions for topical business or politics stories and issues for me to write about would be most welcome.


  1. What about an article on your views relating to the future of the Euro, given the problems relating to primarily Greece and to a lesser extent Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

  2. Are we being duped into believing there is man-made global warming/climate change so that governments can impose taxes?

    Is the vested interest of the oilmen getting in the way of research into alternative/sustainable fuels?

  3. Palm oil production raping the planet?

  4. did you see jimmy doherty's programme about factory farming vegetables. He proved that it is more ecologically sound to import peppers from Ghana{i think} and flying them in to uk than growing them in Holland in heated greenhouses then by road to uk. As a shopper I try to avoid items that have flown half way around the world but this attitude could be misguided.

  5. Jen and Ian - I really appreciate the feedback. I think a weekly article schedule is going to leave me searching for ideas a lot of the time. I am certainly going to put the Spanish economy and Euro under the spotlight if I can find an original angle and I will continue on environmental themes. Thanks.


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